Dominik Göldner

Past Group Members
B.A. Prehistoric Archaeology, Free University Berlin


Dominik Göldner is a research collaborator at the University of Kentucky and currently a Master student at the University of Tübingen, Germany at the Department for Archaeological Science and Human Evolution, with specific study in Palaeoanthropology. He has a wide field of interest in provenience research, open science, imaging techniques, and morphometric analysis of human morphological variation, with focus on the cranial base. In 2019 Dominik finished his BA in Prehistoric Archaeology at the Free University in Berlin where he studied possibilities of recontextualization of human remains from historical collections – exemplified on undocumented skeleton findings from early Medieval cemetery in Germany. For his Master's thesis he is currently conducting traditional morphometric and geometric morphometric analyses to study global patterns of morphologic variation of the foramen magnum in modern humans.